The discomfort zone

seed to expression

If you can get comfortable with the discomfort zone, the place of rapid growth, then you have in large part won life my friend. Anything that you can conceive of in the way of achievement, of becoming, must and does inevitably involve the process of constantly pushing through what were previously boundaries and establishing new and newer comfort zones.

Befriend the discomfort zone.


Zero tolerance for feeling less than the best 2.0; The entry point coordinates

In order to strip to the core, all of this self-help, spiritual mumbo jumbo that I myself willing partake in, the fact of the matter simply remains that all beings wish themselves well and want to feel good.

In the case of us, thinking, human beings, our reason for not feeling good as much and as often as we’d like to is one that is entirely self-induced. The fact that we are unaware and do not know how or why this is, doesn’t change a thing about it being so. We function on many levels, all of which have a massive influence on how we are yet for the most part we remain completely ignorant of all but the grossest of these which is the body and even that we do not understand.

All of the impulses and stimuli that we react to, whether they are internal such as thoughts or external, those pertaining to the 5 senses, all are processed and experienced through the body. It is the body that tells us if we are feeling good or not.

Feeling good is the expression and experience of harmony. When disharmony is being felt it is almost always a result of the minds false interpretations and it happens because we have never cared to give it attention and learnt to tame it. The unruly mind will instantly offer solutions and point to causes of why we aren’t feeling good, all of them external and therefore out of our control. Someone said something to you, you don’t have what you want &/or don’t want what you have, you aren’t who you’d like to be etc.

If you simply keep in mind the primary desire, that all you really want is to feel good and that the only reason you want anything is because you believe it will make you feel good, then you can go directly for the source of what your whole being yearns for. Feeling good. Now.

Unlike the truth which is by its nature simple and easy to understand, most people themselves are just too complicated to recognise it and accept it. Your mind will demand a reason to feel good, something to hold onto from a re-membered past or an imagined future. Alright then, tell it this; “I now understand this divine paradox of working towards what I think will bring me that, which will in turn cause me to feel good, but in order to get it, I need to be feeling good now. I cannot strive for something from a state that I do not prefer and hope to create its opposite.”

When you are outside of the feel-good state you must instantly get back into harmony and the entry point is always now through the gate of acceptance. If you imagine that you will feel good only after certain conditions have been fulfilled then you are again setting yourself up and disadvantaging yourself unnecessarily. Most people are sorrowfully (not blissfully) unaware of how they themselves perpetuate their own misery because if they knew and could see exactly how, they’d stop it instantly.

Accept your situation as it is right now. The situation, whatever it is, does not and is not matter. What matters and all that matters is that you accept it. Acceptance means acknowledging that it is simply the way it is, it does not mean you prefer it nor abhor it. If you refuse to accept the current coordinates of your situation, and it is merely a decision, then you are trying to act from a position in which you are not.

When you get yourself feeling good and learn to hold and raise that frequency, only then do you have something to offer others. You might have thought otherwise but taking care of yourself and making sure that you feel good is actually the most unselfish thing you can concern yourself because when you are in harmony, all those around you benefit a lot more from it than you yourself.

Remember to remember

…the most important. Remind yourself to remember that which needs to be remembered and it is this: you alone are the determining factor of all that you experience. Forget cosmic influences, karma, destiny, horoscopes and so forth. All of this exists in the (your) mind alone, therefore unreal and influences you only to the degree that you allow it to. Make up your mind that this is so, because you want it to be, test it, verify it and enjoy the be-coming of what you really are; not “a” Being, but Being itself. Pure and unlimited.

The purpose of a clean & well-ordered life

Q: Sorry. But I just do not understand. You say you are bodiless and mindless, while I see you very much alive and articulate.

Maharaj: A tremendously complex work is going on all the time in your brain and body, are you conscious of it? Not at all. Yet for the outsider all seems to be going on intelligently and purposefully. Why not admit that one’s entire personal life may sink largely below the threshold of consciousness and yet proceed sanely and smoothly?

Q: Is it normal?

M: What is normal? Is your life – obsessed by desires and fears full of strife and struggle, meaningless and joyless – normal?  To be acutely conscious of the body – is it normal? A healthy body, a healthy mind live largely unperceived by their owner; only occasionally, through pain or suffering they call of attention and insight. Why not extend the same to the entire personal life? Once can function rightly, responding well and fully to whatever happens, without having to bring it into focus of awareness.

When self-control becomes second nature, awareness shifts its focus to deeper levels of existence and action. 

Q: Don’t you become a robot?

M: What harm is there in making automatic, what is habitual and repetitive? it is automatic anyhow. But when it is also chaotic it causes pain and suffering and calls for attention. The entire purpose of a clean and well-ordered life is to liberate man from the thraldom of chaos and the burden of sorrow. 

Be your own highest authority

By now, anyone with the capability of reading this must have surely come to the conclusion that no one but yourself cares about you as much as you do. Your own wishing yourself well and acting accordingly, is or should be of paramount importance to you and there is no “authority” outside of your own being that can possibly act on behalf of your own best interests.

  1. It is your duty towards yourself to take care of your own body and reclaim authority of your health. The health or sickness industry is certainly and quite obviously not interested in your perfect state of health. It needs you to be dependant upon their “help” without which they would not exist. That is number 1. Become your own ministry of health and if you don’t know how, learn. The information is available everywhere, just remain completely honest with yourself and be suspicious of anything, (food, medicine, treatment etc.) that has been adulterated by people’s interests.
  2. Become your own central bank. Hold gold. The time of the paper money experiment (creating perceived value from nothing) is fast approaching a point of no return. We are in the last stages of the monetary death spiral, position yourself accordingly. As with no.1 be suspicious of people’s vested interests and agendas, especially the interests of people who wear suits and bow to false Gods.
  3. Be your own religious/spiritual authority. Question everything you are told about life and existence and admit to yourself the obvious; that the ultimate truth cannot be found in one particular place, book, religion or doctrine. It is scattered all over the place and it is your job to put the pieces of the puzzle together and make sense of it all. Allow love, peace, gentleness, kindness and honesty to be your guiding principles, that way you cannot be mistaken and you are bound to discover the highest truth.

Enjoy the fruits of real freedom and rely upon yourself and yourself only in all things. No government, religion, health authority, financial institution or corporation is going to look after you in the way that you would expect or deserve. Grant yourself the best service and treatment in all things and be constantly on the lookout for the best so that you can continuously upgrade and fine-tune your life experience. Remain open but question everything.

From Problem to no problem

The solution to a problem is not in its solving

I have been contemplating this notion for quite sometime and just a moment ago it occurred to me, that the way to transcend a problem is not actually done but the process of solving it.

I have found that the more interested I become in the specifics of a problem and the more energy and effort I put into solving it, the longer it takes to overcome. Then, when I realize that the problem is no longer present, when it is no longer an issue, I discover that it came about not by the process of trying to solve it but by getting distracted out of the obsession of dealing with it and trying to find its solution.

This of course ties in directly with the concept that what you give energy to, is what you give life to. If you focus on a problem then you will have a problem to solve for as long as you remain focused in that direction, because that is the frequency you are operating on.

This law shall we say, is a completely practical and functional formula that works without fail, all the time and under all circumstances and conditions. It works not by denial of a problem but from the complete removal of all attention to it.

One great example of understanding this concept was displayed in the wise words of Mother Theresa who once proclaimed something along the lines of;

“If I am asked to join an anti-war protest then I will not come but invite me to a rally for peace and I’ll be there”