The discomfort zone

seed to expression

If you can get comfortable with the discomfort zone, the place of rapid growth, then you have in large part won life my friend. Anything that you can conceive of in the way of achievement, of becoming, must and does inevitably involve the process of constantly pushing through what were previously boundaries and establishing new and newer comfort zones.

Befriend the discomfort zone.


What do you do when all your Christmases come at once and are here to stay?

This is a serious question.

How do you or would you handle a situation (call it what you will) where suddenly you find yourself in a position where everything in your existence has fallen into place in an unshakeable, irreversible kind of way? What to do, if anything?

How would you be if you conquered this life (your self) to the point where no more could possibly be added to your state of utter love, bliss & fulfilment & no thing could be taken away?

What would remain? What would be left to do?



Remember to remember

…the most important. Remind yourself to remember that which needs to be remembered and it is this: you alone are the determining factor of all that you experience. Forget cosmic influences, karma, destiny, horoscopes and so forth. All of this exists in the (your) mind alone, therefore unreal and influences you only to the degree that you allow it to. Make up your mind that this is so, because you want it to be, test it, verify it and enjoy the be-coming of what you really are; not “a” Being, but Being itself. Pure and unlimited.

Stateless mind

Stateless Mindset

By Leo Babauta of
In programming, there is the concept of statelessness. It means that each request is treated anew, without memory of previous requests.

This is extremely limiting in some ways, but in another way it’s a great way to deal with a ton of requests.

Imagine if you as a person dealt with millions of requests a day from a thousand or so clients: if you had to keep track all those clients and the multiple requests they were making, it would drive you crazy. The burden of remembering would crush you.

This is what our lives are like. We are constantly holding information, frustration, ideas, tension, requests, needs, of a thousand different requests each day. Every email, every call, every text message, every open browser tab, every interaction with another person, every task we do … it all builds up in us until we are overloaded.

Imagine if you forgot all previous requests. Those interactions died, faded away into the aether.

Imagine if there wasn’t the weight of thousands of requests and interactions on your mind right now.

Imagine they were gone, and you had a blank slate.

What would this blank slate feel like?

What would it be like to deal with the next task, talk to the next person, walk to the next place, without anything weighing you down? Without anything pulling on your mind?

Just this task. Just this person. Just this action. Just this moment.

There would be nothing else, just this. It would be your entire universe. It would fill you up completely.

Then it would be gone.

And the next moment would be all there was. Then that would die too.

This is stateless.

Try letting go of all previous moments, right now. Try making the present moment all there is. When you feel a previous request or idea pulling at your attention, let it go.

This is the stateless practice. You’ll fail. Let that go too.

Start anew, with all the possibilities of emptiness.

Attitude of Gratitude, the instant solution to any problem

A rare thing happened to me today, something that I haven’t experienced for many months. I had a bad day.

At least that is what it felt like for those few hours while it was happening, not that anything bad actually happened. I simply felt less than the best, I wasn’t “skyscraping” as I have been. Being such an uncommon state these days, I couldn’t help but notice this not-feeling-too-good-about-myself attitude and decided to put an instant stop to it and revert back to my skyscraping status.

The many reasons for why I wasn’t feeling too good are nowhere near as important as the realisation of the fact that they are always and certainly were in this case, mere creations of the critical mind and therefore unreal. By treating them as such, withdrawing attention from the problem and resetting my state by going for a run and then a swim in cold water, I effortlessly returned to where I prefer to be.

During my run I was thinking about this situation and I thought back on how much energy I used to put into wanting to resolve these states of despair, I used to think so hard and long about why these fluctuations come up and how to overcome them but all I was doing was perpetuating the condition by focusing on it.

I realised today that denial as such is not an option or a solution but that the complete and instant withdrawal of attention from what you do not prefer, most certainly is.

Once the natural state of joy, ease and unlimited, unfolding potentiality is reasserted, what always always always remains, is a deep sense of appreciation and an attitude of gratitude for the way things are, as they are, including myself and all others.

I love it.

P.S during and after my run I also realised with full clarity, the importance of setting your vibrational tone to the one you prefer. Not by thinking but by going direct and influencing the feelings first. Once that is taken care of and you get yourself feeling good, the thoughts that then become accessible are of a completely different, much more desirable nature. I think I’ll go into that a bit more in a future post.

Go for a walk and don’t come back for 6 years

I was recently listening to an interview with the late Stuart Wilde in which he spoke about this from his own experience; going out to get some bread and milk and not coming back home for 6 years.

I’ve thought about something as audacious as this for a while now and just the thought of it is enough to arouse an immense sense of adventure and freedom. For most people, an act of this nature is unthinkable yet the availability of the experience, the potential cannot be denied. At least as a working theory it is possible to get up off your chair right this instant, and leave.

It is possible to give up and abandon all the things that you surround yourself with and are involved in. It is possible to make a radical and abrupt change, severing the self-created ties that keep you in a belief/version of yourself that may not quite be what you would prefer it to be. Most importantly, it is possible to do this skilfully, systematically and in an intelligent way.

In most cases people finally make the necessary changes in their lives when they are forced into them by dire circumstances. It may be a life threatening illness, the loss of environment, things and/or people who you derive your sense of identity from etc. The impulse to make a substantial shift, to rearrange the very foundations of ones life often appears to come from outside. It looks as though something has to happen to us, to be caused or initiated by an external event or circumstance when in reality everything is self-created.

The point I want to make is that it does not have to be so, you don’t have to wait for a decision to be made for you in the form of a last resort ultimatum. It is completely within your own power and competence to initiate and execute profound changes on your own, deliberately and consciously. If you do not know how to do this then you can learn.

I am not saying that it is necessarily a good idea to get up right now and leave it all behind, there are of course consequences for everything. However, keep in mind that you can actually do anything so be willing to experiment, exploit and use that knowing to your fullest advantage.

Life has meaning, the meaning you give it. You did not come here to count beans.


repeat after me: I AM AWESOME!

I have discovered that the essence of all achievement, all fulfilment, satisfaction, true and lasting contentment is feeling good about yourself. Not in an egoistic kind of way of course, but in a way that can probably be best described by the word; acceptance.

Regardless of the current situation you may be finding yourself in, whether it is one that is more on the desirable side or whether it is the opposite, you can feel good about yourself. You can gently ease the burden of the destructive forces of self-judgement and begin to feel good about yourself by accepting what is as it is.

You cannot lead from behind nor can you lead from too far ahead, it is necessary to affirm your current position and to accept it in all honesty. When this is done, whether consciously and deliberately or not, a transformative effect takes place. By feeling good about yourself you suddenly allow positive effects to flow through you and become manifest. No effort or struggle required, it happens on its own, spontaneously and joyfully.

I’ve noticed that when I am not in my peak zone,  i.e. when resistance is present, I find that I thwart my own progress and sabotage the things that I claim to want. This contradiction and conflict between what we claim to want and what we actually create by our thoughts and actions appears to be not only “a” human dilemma, but THE human dilemma.

If we were able to act in perfect alignment with the things we claim to want to have and experience in our lives then all would be very, very well for us and with us. To get to wherever you imagine yourself going you need to begin from where you are; the place is here, the time is now and without any exaggeration; YOU ARE AWESOME.

Allow that to be your default setting.