Want less, have more

It’s either wanting or receiving. The less I want, the more I have. What do I want more of anyway? The feeling or the thing that will, hopefully, produce the feeling?

I want:

more simplicity

more calmness

more presence (presents)

more freedom

more power

more fulfilment

more joy

more love

more often…






Anticrastination: the art of constructive non-doing


If procrastination is “the action of delaying or postponing something” as defined by the Oxford dictionary, then anticrastination is the art of prioritising non-doing as the most wholesome and worthwhile by-pass-time.

Procrastination feels bad, it is putting off the necessary and urgent in favour of that which provides instant, short-term gratification. Anticrastination on the other hand feels good. It is a deliberate choice to de-clutter the mind and purify its incessant urge to express and make happen.

The mind’s normal mode is like a nonstop TV ad segment that flashes random images in relentless succession and takes you for a ride. What you want is to switch to documentary mode where you can observe the natural flow of life at a pace that allows for the appreciation and true savouring of all that is worthy of being truly enjoyed.

The idea for this very post that shook me out of my pleasant, morning bout of anticrastination came from a friend who posted the following on facebook;

To all who procrastinate: “We must be diligent today. To wait until tomorrow is too late. Death comes unexpectedly. How can we bargain with it?” –The Buddha

For more on this topic, check out the work of Leo Babauta, the master of procrastination remedies. zenhabits.net/procrastination/

Now, back to anticrastination….

The discomfort zone

seed to expression

If you can get comfortable with the discomfort zone, the place of rapid growth, then you have in large part won life my friend. Anything that you can conceive of in the way of achievement, of becoming, must and does inevitably involve the process of constantly pushing through what were previously boundaries and establishing new and newer comfort zones.

Befriend the discomfort zone.

What do you do when all your Christmases come at once and are here to stay?

This is a serious question.

How do you or would you handle a situation (call it what you will) where suddenly you find yourself in a position where everything in your existence has fallen into place in an unshakeable, irreversible kind of way? What to do, if anything?

How would you be if you conquered this life (your self) to the point where no more could possibly be added to your state of utter love, bliss & fulfilment & no thing could be taken away?

What would remain? What would be left to do?



Freedom from the “what next” compulsion

Being free from the obsession of “what next” isn’t so much a thing that you consciously go out to achieve but rather something you notice, like a persistent itch that suddenly stops. And what a relief it is to be focused in the present moment, not for the moment, but abiding there (here, now) permanently.

Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the wise. Seek what they sought.

There’s not much to add to a brilliant quote like this is there? and if so, the only purpose would be to help you keep it in mind a little longer. I’ll let you contemplate upon this one for yourself.

Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the wise. Seek what they sought.

Remain sane. Let nature do its thing.

Spend time in nature, regularly and preferably alone. Simple as that. Regardless of the time of year and especially if you are a city dweller, make it a habit to do the following as often as possible;

1. Sit around a campfire

2. Watch the stars

3. Observe the phases of the moon.

4. Take walks in the woods or whatever natural, people-free surroundings you have reasonable access to.

5. Spend a night under the stars, even if it is just your own backyard.

6. Cycle, hike, ski, surf or take up and do anything that involves being out in the elements.

7. Enjoy early mornings and take full advantage of the crisp, beautiful energy that each day so generously offers at this magic time. Each of the above mentioned points work wonders for the simple fact that the contrast to “everyday” city life is so profound. Nature provides the opportunity for an instant reset, anytime, all the time. All you have to do is go out and allow it to do its thing. There is a certain beauty and unfathomable peace in the absence of man-made objects, noises, smells and all the other sensory stimuli including the things that are not apparent yet have influence over us such as various electromagnetic frequencies, wi-fi signals and even the thought forms that fly around. In the absence of these things nature is not only present but comes to the forefront of your attention and it is in the nature of nature to inspire all that is beautiful and good in man. Satyam, shivam, sundaram (the true, the good, the beautiful)