Want less, have more

It’s either wanting or receiving. The less I want, the more I have. What do I want more of anyway? The feeling or the thing that will, hopefully, produce the feeling?

I want:

more simplicity

more calmness

more presence (presents)

more freedom

more power

more fulfilment

more joy

more love

more often…






The discomfort zone

seed to expression

If you can get comfortable with the discomfort zone, the place of rapid growth, then you have in large part won life my friend. Anything that you can conceive of in the way of achievement, of becoming, must and does inevitably involve the process of constantly pushing through what were previously boundaries and establishing new and newer comfort zones.

Befriend the discomfort zone.

Keep the pot on the boil

To bring a large pot of water to the boil takes time, it is a relatively long but straight forward process. Once it has reached boiling point though, it retains its temperature for a long time after it is taken off the stove and requires much less effort or heat to bring it to boil again.

In just the same way you can become aware of and take full advantage of this principle in your own personal endeavors. Whatever discipline or practice you apply this to, you can clearly see that it operates unfailingly. In relation to exercise and keeping fit for example; if you go through an intense period of exercise like a boot camp, you reach a level of fitness that is way beyond what it was previous to the regime that got you there. However after this intense period is over, maintaining this new level or staying close to boiling point, is comparably easy.

On the one hand it now requires much less “heat” than the original, intense regime that actually caused the “pot to boil” but on the other hand, the new level’s “maintenance mode” is now also greater than what it was before. The difference lies in the way it is experienced, with much greater ease. The temperature so to speak, has been raised by a notch but the energy and effort required to do this is the same or less than what it was before.

There is no limit to how this principle can be applied and it is worth knowing that it works just as reliably in matters of the most important, those concerning awareness and spiritual awakening. When you arrive at new levels of understanding and provided that you know what to practice and how to practice, then all you have to do is, well, practice. In the early stages of one’s path the practice, whether it is apparent or not, is actually to deepen the level of faith because there is still some time lag between effort expounded and the harvesting of its benefits, but from a certain point it becomes a self-perpetuating, upward spiral of joy as the rewards are instantly recognised and experienced.

Thus a new and good habit is born, for when an act becomes easy through constant repetition it becomes a pleasure to perform and if it is a pleasure to perform it is man’s nature to perform it often. When I perform it often it becomes a habit and I become its slave and since it is a good habit this is my will.

“The final goal”

Call it what you will, the final goal, the supreme reality, kingdom of heaven, enlightenment, self-realisation or simply a return to the natural self as I like to think of it.

By its very nature, the immensity of this state of being is only ever truly understood once arrived at. It could not be otherwise because the very act of realisation, the claiming as one’s own, comes about by way of understanding.

Before this stage is reached and one of the obstacles to it, is simply the fact that it is incorrectly seen as a resting place, perhaps the ultimate resting place. In a sense this is partly true, for coming to know One-self is the ultimate relief, and an integral part of that relief is the knowing that this peace can never again be lost.

However, in order to clarify things and perhaps assist you in the deepening of the all-important understanding, you should know, that far more than being “just” a resting place, this most desirable state of utter fulfilment is predominantly a launching platform. When you rotate into this new, most magnificent reality that is the birthright of every being, it is finally seen for what it really is, a starting point for high adventure.

The miserable, illusory and petty life you once lived and were so attached to is traded in for something incomparably more exhilerating, love-filled and wonder-full, and so if you could fully comprehend at least this part in its entirety, then the mustering up of energy required to do what needs to be done becomes a non-issue and the “final goal” is yours for the taking.

Do we really need more rich people?

Get rich or die trying.

… well at least the guy who said this was being flat-out honest unlike the vast majority of people in our “civilised world” who live by this mantra unknowingly.

Over the past few days I’ve been listening to an interview with Tony Robbins, the motivational speaker/coach extraordinaire. It’s a fascinating, two-hour interview that can be found on Tim Ferriss’s blog here: http://fourhourworkweek.com/blog/ One of the main topics is Tony’s new book; The New Money Masters, the first book he’s written in 20 years.

I have a lot of respect for Tony because I believe he is very genuine in his commitment to helping people. However, in the grand scheme of things I cannot help to ask myself, who is really being helped and for what ultimate purpose? Also, what is the real cost involved in terms of the far-reaching consequences, when more and more wealthy people are trained up and created? Who and/or what really benefits and what is the collateral damage involved?

Well, that depends on the point of view or “point of you”, also known as your sense of identity and there are only two: The individual (I am separate and temporary) a.k.a the material, or the all-inclusive, all-encompassing “I am all and always” spiritual viewpoint.

For a limited time, the individual point of view is convincing. It seems to make sense, literally, all five of them in fact! But some of us suspect that there is a lot more to the story than what is experienced on the surface of our everyday existence. So, from the perspective of the undivided whole, when a person begins to succeed which always translates into the acquisition and production of more and more things, who actually benefits and who suffers? Sure, jobs are created, the economy is given a boost and society (the one in question only) prospers.

What about the earth that is exploited? The anonymous “other” societies that pick up the bill in various ways? The trees that are cut down, the rivers that are poisoned, the animals and even people who are killed? Is this also taken into account and acknowledged? What about the ongoing wars that are being waged to feed this beast and the destruction of all that is good and beautiful, the natural environment that was flourishing until our insidious influence made its mark? This needs to be added into the equation also.

If you are reading this on a computer (just as I am writing it) then nearly every single thing we are surrounded by, that we eat, wear and use is tainted with the blood and the grief of the masses; of plants, animals and people who aren’t ever taken into consideration. These are the effects of what is called leverage in financial terms, living preposterously above our means. We are up to our necks in the obsession of consumer-object fetishism and the everyday luxuries we take for granted and consider as vital to our very existence as the air we breathe, are leading to our rapid demise.

I hope not to come across as negative in saying all this. I do realise that to think along these lines isn’t exactly popular let alone encouraged. Why? because to a greater or even greater degree we are all complicit. And besides, thinking about this stuff makes you feel bad and feeling bad about oneself or the state of the world isn’t popular either. Much easier to brush this shit talk off with comforting excuses about how “poor little me” can’t do anything about it anyway and besides, ‘I’m busy so don’t waste my time with this crap. I’ve got a preoccupation to preoccupy myself with’.

Tony Robbins, Tim Ferris and most others like them are genuine in their desire to help others, this I firmly believe. The only trouble is that their idea of success and wishing others well is shaped 100% by their culture. A culture that is fundamentally flawed for all of the reasons stated above. One that says it is not only OK to become rich and successful, but that it is your duty! As a good and respectable citizen, you are to pursue ever-increasing material riches and to surround yourself with more and more things made of matter. This, as the status quo implies, is the most noble and worthwhile achievement to strive towards in life.

Just saying.

Attitude of Gratitude, the instant solution to any problem

A rare thing happened to me today, something that I haven’t experienced for many months. I had a bad day.

At least that is what it felt like for those few hours while it was happening, not that anything bad actually happened. I simply felt less than the best, I wasn’t “skyscraping” as I have been. Being such an uncommon state these days, I couldn’t help but notice this not-feeling-too-good-about-myself attitude and decided to put an instant stop to it and revert back to my skyscraping status.

The many reasons for why I wasn’t feeling too good are nowhere near as important as the realisation of the fact that they are always and certainly were in this case, mere creations of the critical mind and therefore unreal. By treating them as such, withdrawing attention from the problem and resetting my state by going for a run and then a swim in cold water, I effortlessly returned to where I prefer to be.

During my run I was thinking about this situation and I thought back on how much energy I used to put into wanting to resolve these states of despair, I used to think so hard and long about why these fluctuations come up and how to overcome them but all I was doing was perpetuating the condition by focusing on it.

I realised today that denial as such is not an option or a solution but that the complete and instant withdrawal of attention from what you do not prefer, most certainly is.

Once the natural state of joy, ease and unlimited, unfolding potentiality is reasserted, what always always always remains, is a deep sense of appreciation and an attitude of gratitude for the way things are, as they are, including myself and all others.

I love it.

P.S during and after my run I also realised with full clarity, the importance of setting your vibrational tone to the one you prefer. Not by thinking but by going direct and influencing the feelings first. Once that is taken care of and you get yourself feeling good, the thoughts that then become accessible are of a completely different, much more desirable nature. I think I’ll go into that a bit more in a future post.

Go for a walk and don’t come back for 6 years

I was recently listening to an interview with the late Stuart Wilde in which he spoke about this from his own experience; going out to get some bread and milk and not coming back home for 6 years.

I’ve thought about something as audacious as this for a while now and just the thought of it is enough to arouse an immense sense of adventure and freedom. For most people, an act of this nature is unthinkable yet the availability of the experience, the potential cannot be denied. At least as a working theory it is possible to get up off your chair right this instant, and leave.

It is possible to give up and abandon all the things that you surround yourself with and are involved in. It is possible to make a radical and abrupt change, severing the self-created ties that keep you in a belief/version of yourself that may not quite be what you would prefer it to be. Most importantly, it is possible to do this skilfully, systematically and in an intelligent way.

In most cases people finally make the necessary changes in their lives when they are forced into them by dire circumstances. It may be a life threatening illness, the loss of environment, things and/or people who you derive your sense of identity from etc. The impulse to make a substantial shift, to rearrange the very foundations of ones life often appears to come from outside. It looks as though something has to happen to us, to be caused or initiated by an external event or circumstance when in reality everything is self-created.

The point I want to make is that it does not have to be so, you don’t have to wait for a decision to be made for you in the form of a last resort ultimatum. It is completely within your own power and competence to initiate and execute profound changes on your own, deliberately and consciously. If you do not know how to do this then you can learn.

I am not saying that it is necessarily a good idea to get up right now and leave it all behind, there are of course consequences for everything. However, keep in mind that you can actually do anything so be willing to experiment, exploit and use that knowing to your fullest advantage.

Life has meaning, the meaning you give it. You did not come here to count beans.