Remain sane. Let nature do its thing.

Spend time in nature, regularly and preferably alone. Simple as that. Regardless of the time of year and especially if you are a city dweller, make it a habit to do the following as often as possible;

1. Sit around a campfire

2. Watch the stars

3. Observe the phases of the moon.

4. Take walks in the woods or whatever natural, people-free surroundings you have reasonable access to.

5. Spend a night under the stars, even if it is just your own backyard.

6. Cycle, hike, ski, surf or take up and do anything that involves being out in the elements.

7. Enjoy early mornings and take full advantage of the crisp, beautiful energy that each day so generously offers at this magic time. Each of the above mentioned points work wonders for the simple fact that the contrast to “everyday” city life is so profound. Nature provides the opportunity for an instant reset, anytime, all the time. All you have to do is go out and allow it to do its thing. There is a certain beauty and unfathomable peace in the absence of man-made objects, noises, smells and all the other sensory stimuli including the things that are not apparent yet have influence over us such as various electromagnetic frequencies, wi-fi signals and even the thought forms that fly around. In the absence of these things nature is not only present but comes to the forefront of your attention and it is in the nature of nature to inspire all that is beautiful and good in man. Satyam, shivam, sundaram (the true, the good, the beautiful)


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