Attitude of Gratitude, the instant solution to any problem

A rare thing happened to me today, something that I haven’t experienced for many months. I had a bad day.

At least that is what it felt like for those few hours while it was happening, not that anything bad actually happened. I simply felt less than the best, I wasn’t “skyscraping” as I have been. Being such an uncommon state these days, I couldn’t help but notice this not-feeling-too-good-about-myself attitude and decided to put an instant stop to it and revert back to my skyscraping status.

The many reasons for why I wasn’t feeling too good are nowhere near as important as the realisation of the fact that they are always and certainly were in this case, mere creations of the critical mind and therefore unreal. By treating them as such, withdrawing attention from the problem and resetting my state by going for a run and then a swim in cold water, I effortlessly returned to where I prefer to be.

During my run I was thinking about this situation and I thought back on how much energy I used to put into wanting to resolve these states of despair, I used to think so hard and long about why these fluctuations come up and how to overcome them but all I was doing was perpetuating the condition by focusing on it.

I realised today that denial as such is not an option or a solution but that the complete and instant withdrawal of attention from what you do not prefer, most certainly is.

Once the natural state of joy, ease and unlimited, unfolding potentiality is reasserted, what always always always remains, is a deep sense of appreciation and an attitude of gratitude for the way things are, as they are, including myself and all others.

I love it.

P.S during and after my run I also realised with full clarity, the importance of setting your vibrational tone to the one you prefer. Not by thinking but by going direct and influencing the feelings first. Once that is taken care of and you get yourself feeling good, the thoughts that then become accessible are of a completely different, much more desirable nature. I think I’ll go into that a bit more in a future post.


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