repeat after me: I AM AWESOME!

I have discovered that the essence of all achievement, all fulfilment, satisfaction, true and lasting contentment is feeling good about yourself. Not in an egoistic kind of way of course, but in a way that can probably be best described by the word; acceptance.

Regardless of the current situation you may be finding yourself in, whether it is one that is more on the desirable side or whether it is the opposite, you can feel good about yourself. You can gently ease the burden of the destructive forces of self-judgement and begin to feel good about yourself by accepting what is as it is.

You cannot lead from behind nor can you lead from too far ahead, it is necessary to affirm your current position and to accept it in all honesty. When this is done, whether consciously and deliberately or not, a transformative effect takes place. By feeling good about yourself you suddenly allow positive effects to flow through you and become manifest. No effort or struggle required, it happens on its own, spontaneously and joyfully.

I’ve noticed that when I am not in my peak zone,  i.e. when resistance is present, I find that I thwart my own progress and sabotage the things that I claim to want. This contradiction and conflict between what we claim to want and what we actually create by our thoughts and actions appears to be not only “a” human dilemma, but THE human dilemma.

If we were able to act in perfect alignment with the things we claim to want to have and experience in our lives then all would be very, very well for us and with us. To get to wherever you imagine yourself going you need to begin from where you are; the place is here, the time is now and without any exaggeration; YOU ARE AWESOME.

Allow that to be your default setting.


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