The purpose of a clean & well-ordered life

Q: Sorry. But I just do not understand. You say you are bodiless and mindless, while I see you very much alive and articulate.

Maharaj: A tremendously complex work is going on all the time in your brain and body, are you conscious of it? Not at all. Yet for the outsider all seems to be going on intelligently and purposefully. Why not admit that one’s entire personal life may sink largely below the threshold of consciousness and yet proceed sanely and smoothly?

Q: Is it normal?

M: What is normal? Is your life – obsessed by desires and fears full of strife and struggle, meaningless and joyless – normal?  To be acutely conscious of the body – is it normal? A healthy body, a healthy mind live largely unperceived by their owner; only occasionally, through pain or suffering they call of attention and insight. Why not extend the same to the entire personal life? Once can function rightly, responding well and fully to whatever happens, without having to bring it into focus of awareness.

When self-control becomes second nature, awareness shifts its focus to deeper levels of existence and action. 

Q: Don’t you become a robot?

M: What harm is there in making automatic, what is habitual and repetitive? it is automatic anyhow. But when it is also chaotic it causes pain and suffering and calls for attention. The entire purpose of a clean and well-ordered life is to liberate man from the thraldom of chaos and the burden of sorrow. 


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