Be your own highest authority

By now, anyone with the capability of reading this must have surely come to the conclusion that no one but yourself cares about you as much as you do. Your own wishing yourself well and acting accordingly, is or should be of paramount importance to you and there is no “authority” outside of your own being that can possibly act on behalf of your own best interests.

  1. It is your duty towards yourself to take care of your own body and reclaim authority of your health. The health or sickness industry is certainly and quite obviously not interested in your perfect state of health. It needs you to be dependant upon their “help” without which they would not exist. That is number 1. Become your own ministry of health and if you don’t know how, learn. The information is available everywhere, just remain completely honest with yourself and be suspicious of anything, (food, medicine, treatment etc.) that has been adulterated by people’s interests.
  2. Become your own central bank. Hold gold. The time of the paper money experiment (creating perceived value from nothing) is fast approaching a point of no return. We are in the last stages of the monetary death spiral, position yourself accordingly. As with no.1 be suspicious of people’s vested interests and agendas, especially the interests of people who wear suits and bow to false Gods.
  3. Be your own religious/spiritual authority. Question everything you are told about life and existence and admit to yourself the obvious; that the ultimate truth cannot be found in one particular place, book, religion or doctrine. It is scattered all over the place and it is your job to put the pieces of the puzzle together and make sense of it all. Allow love, peace, gentleness, kindness and honesty to be your guiding principles, that way you cannot be mistaken and you are bound to discover the highest truth.

Enjoy the fruits of real freedom and rely upon yourself and yourself only in all things. No government, religion, health authority, financial institution or corporation is going to look after you in the way that you would expect or deserve. Grant yourself the best service and treatment in all things and be constantly on the lookout for the best so that you can continuously upgrade and fine-tune your life experience. Remain open but question everything.


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