Cultivate the feeling of competence [mass noun] the ability to do something successfully or efficiently:

Competence is essentially the ability to execute a particular task with confidence and to enjoy the feeling of satisfaction and personal power that comes as a natural by-product.

One  thing I have noticed is that the feeling or recognition of yourself as being competent in one thing, can have a spill over effect into all other areas of your life, if you allow yourself to see that of course. Like attracts like and the more competence you can recognise and claim for yourself, the more competent and therefore empowered you become. Empowered meaning to act and create in the way you most prefer.

Also, being competent in one thing suggests the natural ability to be competent in all things. If this is not the case then the cause is surely a combination of lack of attention or focus and/or resistance. The effects and manifestations of competence depend entirely upon the focus, temperament and application of the individual. In essence there is not the slightest difference in being competent at tying your shoelaces, parenting, looking after your health, performing your job, whatever. Feel free to exploit this mechanism to your fullest advantage.

It is good to take advantage of the idea that competence is a quality that can be cultivated and developed. The concerns and outright fears that may have previously prevented you in undertaking a task will dissolve when competence is re-asserted.  Your confidence and self-worth increases and so naturally your whole world is rearranged more to your liking. The people you interact with and the world you live in begins to reflect your new, improved idea of yourself. The more you learn to recognise your own competence the more effortless and as-a-matter-of-fact your life becomes, the more joy and ease you bring into your everyday experience and who wouldn’t want that?


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