Exponential Joy

When you begin to move more towards the realization of unity (the goal of all spiritual practice) and away from separation, you open yourself up to the great gift of exponential joy.

What this means is that you are able to derive and benefit from anyone and everyone else’s joy as if it were your very own, which of course in reality it is.

From my own experience this is one of the most fundamental factors in recognizing one’s degree of connection to Source. To some of us this comes most naturally while for others, a little more focus applied in this direction is needed.

When we share our positive experiences with others, when we talk about some wonderful and uplifting things that we have experienced, it is possible to observe to what degree the person listening is connected and benefiting from what we are saying. In some people we can easily see that they literally light up and partake fully in the joy that is being offered and transferred. Other people seem to switch off very quickly or we can sense envy and sadness which is caused by their assuming a position of separation. They feel left out, thinking how unfortunate it is that they also couldn’t experience directly the joy that you are trying to describe and share.

Know that it is possible to participate in the happiness of others with at least the same intensity as the original experiencer and the way to it is through realizing yourself as united, intimately connected as one inseparable being that expresses itself through endless forms for no other reason than to experience the bliss of recognizing itself as the One.

 All joy is mine and belongs to me, I am it.

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