What will it take? How thick is your shell?

What will it take for you to get it?!

How open are you to revelations of spiritual wealth?

Can you recognize the immense value and power that lays dormant yet always available in all its many forms?

Are you able to extract and utilise the maximum of all that you are surrounded with or are you just skimming the surface?

The world is littered with gold and yet most people seem to be moping around as beggars in their own self-created hopelessness, constantly tripping over but still not seeing the spiritual and all-round wealth and GOoDness that is all around and free for the taking.

Few mortals know that the kingdom of God includes the fulfillment of mundane desires, the divine realm extends to the earthly; but the latter, illusory in nature does not contain the essence of reality.

Don’t concern yourself with petty problems, want only the best and the highest, cleanse yourself so you can recognize what that is and then claim it as your own. Override the compulsions of body, mind and ego & seize your rightful position on the throne of your own being.



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