What if money didn’t matter?

An absolutely brilliant (short video) narrated by Alan Watts.

P.S Money doesn’t matter


4 thoughts on “What if money didn’t matter?

  1. Money doesn´t matter !!!!
    Such amazing thought, hm….wait, wait it´s reality !!! 😀
    It puts everyone back to his Sun…

    • Absolutely! It is only the false belief in the value of money that gives it any credence & once you withdraw that (& you don’t have to wait for everyone elso to do it first) then for you, its over. You are then free to exchange energy directly in the many ways it can be done. Only people have value and also the ability to impart value to things outside of themselves. Each person has the power to decide, accept, refuse &/or participate. Yep, this is definitely one worth contemplating

  2. Thank you Dan, & to be perfectly honest I appreciate your appreciation. I absolutely love coming across this type of information, there is sooo much life force in it!

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