Perceptions of reality

Now and then to some individuals “here on earth” has come the perception of reality, sudden unlimited awareness beyond all sense testimony, untouched by the human intellect. But these periods of mental freedom vanish because the negative stage is not yet developed out of itself, and the usual patterns of educated beliefs absorb us once more…This wonderful illumination need not come as brief glimpses only. Eventually it will appear, never, to disappear, because it is divinely inherent in every man, woman and child.
Blueprints for Living – Jean Page Wharton

One of the most fulfilling journeys a soul can make while anchored in the plane of duality, is awareness of and full reconnection and perfect union with their I AM essence, the one some call the Monad, or what I used to refer to as the Divine One Within us. Yet unity consciousness allows us to feel-sense that essence as being everywhere, within and around us, part of the very fabric of creation – like the baseline frequency of life. Apart from being able to nourish us physically via its cosmic micro-food flow, it also aligns us to a rhythm of such peace and contentment, that we find ourselves forever transformed. Its gifts are endless. Its ability to love, guide, heal and nourish us completely, is natural yet profound. It reveals itself in its own way, in its own time, when the energy streams can match it within us and around us, and yet we are never separate from it, it is always there, just its volume alters, the strength or subtlety with which it flows. All of this we can control by understanding the science that drives it all.” Jasmuheen



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