“Striking the very fountain-head of all Bliss”

“If it  were possible to enjoy the aggregate of all earth’s delights and rid them of every drawback and every reaction, yet would their pleasure not compare a thousandth part with the Bliss arising from proficiency in the Science of the Soul, for that Science is the art of striking the very fountain-head of all Bliss, which is, as it were, within man himself, and not without. Nay verily, as all joy coming from without is conditional, so all Bliss coming from within is unconditional, and hence eternally present whether we know it or not. And yet, even the joy which as I have said comes from without, does so in appearance only, and not in reality, for neither wealth nor lands, nor delicious food, nor gorgeous apparel contain joy in themselves, but only serve to draw out a minute portion of that infinite joy latent in the soul of every being. Nor can this be otherwise, seeing that, to one man rich apparel affords delight yet not to another, and to a second man great possessions afford delight yet not to a third, and to a third man delicious food affords delight yet not to a fourth; and so on it goes well nigh to infinity; for if joy lay inherent in all these things rather than in man himself, truly there would be no diversity of taste, but utter uniformity instead.”

An Excerpt from Cyril Scott’s book, The Initiate


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