Zero tolerance for feeling less than the best

This concept of “zero tolerance for feeling less than the best” is one that I came up with recently and one that best describes the importance of feeling good all the time. When applied and incorporated into your life it not only serves as a prophylactic against all sorrow but has the potential to transform your life into the joyous, effortless creation that it is meant to be.

Consider; just by your very decision to make it so, you have the power within you to feel good all the time. You can control the way you feel by how you respond to things that happen, things that appear to be outside of yourself and out of your direct control.

It is your response to a situation rather than the situation itself that makes you feel the way you feel and how you respond is entirely up to you. Because of unconscious repetition and habits, you may be used to thinking that certain situations have in-built meanings and therefore deserve a certain type of reaction but that is just not the case.

If you understand that your reaction to a situation, whether you react in thought, feeling or deed, can be chosen by you for the specific purpose of getting a positive effect out of it then it becomes a no-brainer to be extremely selective and careful about how you react.

To develop the attitude of “zero tolerance for feeling less than the best” there are a few prerequisites;

1.       The clear decision to want to feel good all the time. You must make the choice to simply feel good no matter what and to make it a priority.

2.       You must become very watchful. You have to consciously monitor your every thought and feeling so that they are brought into conscious awareness from where you can then re-program them to serve you.

3.       Courage. The courage to crucify your ego at times for the purpose of maintaining the high frequency of the feel-good state. Situations will surely arise in which you will believe yourself deserving to feel anger, disappointment or sadness for example. In those instances you may believe that these feelings are justified but you must learn to let them go because negative feelings cannot co-exist with feeling good and your preference is to feel good.

To feel as good as possible as often as possible is your highest duty towards yourself as well as to others, it is the most noble and unselfish thing you can do.  Only when you are feeling good can you be of any use to others and offer something positive to contribute. And the better you feel, the higher you are able to raise and maintain your vibrational frequency the better off everyone is.


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