Go only with what you prefer & ignore the rest

I recently came across a website that goes into great detail about the benefits of eating meat and how we humans are supposed to eat meat according to the many reasons explained therein. The author made a convincing point that appeared to make sense and generally came across as quite reasonable and well researched. However as I sifted through the material and read some articles and discussions, I couldn’t help notice the expressions of an unfortunate attitude.

Instead of promoting his message and being comfortable with it, he went on to unnecessarily criticize, offend and put down anyone more inclined towards a vegetarian diet (the opposite of what he was promoting). The derogatory terminology he used and repeated  nullified his message and credibility.

Of course the issue here isn’t about whether vegetarians or devout meat-eaters are more correct in their particular stance. The point I would like to make is that unless you feel threatened for some reason or unless you are not completely convinced and therefore at peace with your chosen beliefs, why would you go out of your way to attack the opposite?

You do not get more of what you do want by foolishly trying to lessen that which you don’t want.

There is room enough for every person and his/her belief so simply take what works for you and ignore the rest, don’t go against it. If and when that thing has served its purpose for you, just move on to the next thing but do not go creating friction and trouble for yourself by succumbing to the illusion of polarity and the idea that contrasts are in hostile opposition to one another.

Whatever your beliefs or chosen practices there will always be those that believe and follow the exact opposite. From religious beliefs to political ideologies, vegans against meat-eaters or whichever distinctions and contrasts you care to observe in the world of human affairs, you will find petty squabbles over not only who is closer to the ultimate truth but more importantly why the other side has it all wrong. Crazy.


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