Every moment is a special occasion

The object of the Divine science is the transformation of ordinary consciousness into one which no words can portray and which alone can be experienced but never described.

When I consider my own highest, most treasured states of being, the most accurate description or comparison I could come up with is that each instant was experienced as the most special occasion imaginable, one that I would not trade anything in the world for. Sometimes I would be in this state of what I could only call divine company for weeks and weeks on end. At other times these periods or their intensity is less enduring and less frequent but the characteristics of this most desirable condition are always the same.

When in this state, even the most ordinary situation is infused with such an unmistakable sense of specialness, love, light and ease  that it really must be experienced to be believed possible. Another notable trait is a feeling of firm grounding, an unshakable foundation that is at the heart of this reality.

In most cases we seem to realize the preciousness of  a moment only when we look back on situations that occurred in the past. The majority of the time, most people appear to be too preoccupied and mentally obstructed, depriving themselves of the present (read: gift) moment.

This does not have to be the case however. The good news is that it is completely within your power of choice to adjust yourself in a way where you actually do begin to experience every single moment, however mundane it may appear on the surface, as the very pinnacle of joy and fulfilment.

It is done by removing the obstacles that prevent you from what is in fact a most natural and effortless state of being. You come back to this state, one that you probably don’t even remember, by way of subtraction rather than addition. You cannot strive and struggle your way to it because there is nothing to be achieved. All that is to be done is to abandon and ruthlessly discard anything and everything that stands in the way and the first step is to simply identify these obstacles and bring them into the light of awareness.

Depending on your level of sensitivity and willingness, you can either revert back to this condition of experiencing and savouring the magic of each moment instantly, by merely having the thought and acting accordingly or you can making it into an arduous process, the choice is always yours. Whatever “effort” or renunciation you have to exercise in order to come back into alignment with this state of “special occasion” is a million times worth it. I can’t prove it to you but I can guarantee that you can prove it to yourself.


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