De(liberate) thought creation

To be the version of yourself that you most prefer to be, to have what you want to have and live into your idealized lifestyle, you need to consistently think only those thoughts that are conducive, and supportive of your chosen reality.

To think what you want to think rather than accepting the thoughts that are suggested by outward appearances is a fundamental act of creation. When you come into clear understanding that your thoughts crystallize into experiential manifestations of what you would typically call your life, then it becomes obvious that there is no greater or more important task than to create the habit of focusing exclusively upon the thoughts that you wish to make real. Whether you are conscious of this mechanism or not it is and always has been in operation and it is through your realization and recognition of it that allows you to benefit from its unlimited creative power.

So how do you think what you want to think?

The idea of difficulty and effort may try to creep at this point but don’t worry. You don’t need to become a super-human or a Zen master before you can start controlling your own mind and steering it in the direction you prefer. All you have to do is to feed it the right data and the simplest, most direct way to do that is to ask the right questions.

Occupying your mind with deliberate, selective questions is a real joy. When you start doing this, and the opportunity to begin is always available, you begin to see that you can influence the way you feel. By asking in a certain way you learn to tap into thought frequencies that are working for your liberation. Understand that the intelligence that creates universes is working for you and is more anxious to give you its limitless gifts than you are willing to accept them. It wants to be recognized by you.

Much like a radio, there are frequencies being broadcast that contain all the inspiration and empowering, enlightening in-formation that you could ever dream of. These “channels” are free and available to you now and the way to access them is by  thinking correctly and asking properly.

The way to ask “properly” is easy to gauge. Does it make you feel good or bad? If you continue along the lines of a particular question, does it spiral upward and lead to ever-increasing levels of joy and excitement or is it a dead-end road? To determine this only takes a few seconds at most, and so you should be able to discern quickly whether you are asking or creating in the right (preferred) way or not.

Here is an example of the limiting, sometimes habitual and unconscious questions that you need to first identify and then do away with:

  • How come I am so disadvantaged?
  • Why wasn’t I born into a more favorable environment?
  • Why don’t I have more and better opportunity?
  • Why do I keep doing things that harm me?
  • Why am I so weak?
  • Why is everything such a struggle?
  • Why don’t I have more money?

  Now here are examples of the right questions that you need to begin asking yourself and pursuing.

  • How can I begin to make the most of myself?
  • By the choices I make or cease to make am I really able to dramatically improve my life experience?
  • What can I do now to start feeling better about myself?
  • If others have triumphed over circumstances that were much more difficult than mine, how can I do the same?
  • Can I alter my attitude to make today 100% more positive and fulfilling than yesterday?
  • Can I go out of my way to intentionally uplift everyone I come into contact with? How will that influence my day?
  • What thoughts or plans would make me jump out of bed early tomorrow morning, excited and enthusiastic about my life?

Whatever questions you ask, whether intelligent or plain stupid, your mind will always come up with a corresponding answer. It cannot be otherwise. The mind does not discriminate, it simply wants to be stimulated and given tasks in the form of questions to ponder upon and answer. It is the minds job to process, sort and evaluate. But whether you stimulate it with deliberate joy producing thoughts or irresponsible, base thought forms may not matter to the mind as such but it does and will matter to the whole you because of the quality of life experience that results from that.

Know that you can feel the way you prefer to feel and that the way to it is by being very selective of the thoughts you choose to pay attention to. Replace the unpleasant, debilitating ones that lower your self-worth with thoughts that are infused with light and love and to do that, all you need is to ask yourself the right questions in right way.


One thought on “De(liberate) thought creation

  1. Like your ideas of self-empowerment. Both sets of questions are great in that the negative and positive are so visible. A lot of people have trouble turning a negative into a positive. Thanks!!

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